Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

By: Aiyu Chen

This show is filled with drama and love. It gives us the impression of their crazy lives as a star. I believe the drama on every episode makes the fans come back for more.

 Episode 9: The Keymaster was one hilarious and unforgettable episode. I agree with the critics because I don’t think that Mimi should’ve accepted the car from Stevie J, because now he believes that she’s not going away from him for long. The only reason Stevie brought her that car was to show off in front of Nikko.

Since Nikko bought Mimi that knock off Rolex Stevie has something to laugh about. Now Nikko has the impression that Mimi doesn’t mean much to him. Plus Mimi thinks she’s worth more than she’s worth, and that’s where she went wrong at. She sets the wrong standards for the guys she dates, but she expects them to look at her like she’s a fine piece of diamond when she’s not.

I think that Nikko is to self centered and Mimi is hungry for attention, so in the long run they won’t work out.

I agree when they said that K Michelle is always throwing something at someone or always hitting them. All in all nobody can amount up to the things that K Michelle do because she keeps it real with everybody, and she doesn’t care. Even though she’s the start of the drama for almost every scene, she has her reasoning.

I can tell that she doesn’t hold her tongue for anybody and that’s just how she is.

 All in all I agree with the majority of the reviews on this episode, because I believe that Mimi is making the wrong decisions.

She’s only open to money and material things but she need to learn to tell the knock off and the real apart. K Michelle is the realist female on the show because she doesn’t hold back for nobody.


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Can You Feel The Heat?

By: Britney Collins

The seasons between the two teams, The Heat and The Spurs have been outstanding this year. The two teams are in the finals right now and will be fighting for the win in game seven for the Championship title.

My team that I’m more interested in is The Heat. Why do I choose the team?   Simply because there a young team and they play very aggressive. I love watching them play, there moves, shots, and team effort is


Starting of with the Miami Heat, they have had bad games and they have had good games.  The good games always lead them into a victory.  When there having a bad game are down by so many point no matter what they never give up.  One thing about Miami Heat every second counts they play until the buzzer beater at the end of fourth Quarter.

Of course they will talk about the loss and the next game there’s a lot of improvement with the team.  Miami has almost the best defense in the NBA nation its unbelievable.   In there season the Miami Heat were on a winning streak, but unfortunally the Chicago Bulls ended there winning streak at game twenty-seven.

This didn’t stop the Miami Heat from grinding to get to the playoffs they won the Eastern conference and defeated the Pacers in the last game to get to the NBA finals, know there’s tuff competition between the Miami Heat and the Spurs.

The Heat is a younger team but, they play with confidence and go out on the court and give it there all.  They are 2012 Champions and looking forward to being 2013 Champions.

The Spurs are very experienced with basketball, why do I think are feel this way?  Well the Spurs are an older team and they have a handful of good people who take contested shots and there not afraid of shooting the ball.  They are the better offensive team at times.

I’m really not big on the Spurs I’m a Heat fan. The Spurs make silly mistakes at times and they get frustrated and lost when there facing good teams like the Heat.

The Spurs faced the Grizzles and they won the Western conference finals so know there in the finals hoping and praying for the Championship title over the Heat.

The finals have come to an end and the Miami Heat took over the San Antonio Spurs and won the championship title, which there a two time in a row championship team.

For the last game the Miami Heat came with the mind set to win there game they played very hard and didn’t get frustrated not a bit.  The Heat kind of had the Spurs right were they wanted them they kind of got the Spurs out of the game.

San Antonio became miserable and lost and it really cost them a lost over the Miami Heat.  Know Miami Heat are 2013 champions.

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An Action Movie For The Weekend

By: Chasity Turner

The movie “Transporter 2” is a good movie and one of my favorite movies. I recommend that people watch this because it has action; loves verses hate relationship, and also violence.

This movie was mostly about a man name Frank Martin, who specializes in moving goods of all kinds. When he’s implicated in the kidnapping of the young son of a powerful USA official. Frank’s latest assignment is to act as a chauffeur for this little boy name Jack Billings. Jack is the son of a politician Jefferson Billing.

The politician Jefferson, who has garnered no small amount of controversy for his aggressive efforts to stamp out the trade in illegal drugs. One day, Frank is to take Jack to the doctor for a checkup while his mother, Audrey, sets up a birthday party for the tyke.

However, Jack’s doctor is not who he appears to be he’s actually a Russian agent well versed in viruses who works with criminal kingpin Gianni. After a long and hard-fought chase with Frank, the bad guys get a hold of little Jack and hold him as a hostage.

The parents comply with their monetary demands and soon have their son back at home but little do they know that the boy has secretly been injected with a deadly and easily spread virus, which the terrorists hope to spread to the boy’s powerful father and other politicians whom Jefferson will soon be addressing at a public event.

When Frank learns what has happened to young Jack, he sets out to find the person responsible and the solution that will save the boy and all others who have been exposed to the virus from dying a painful death though his foes have stacked the deck so that it looks as if Frank has been complicit in the crime.

I choose this movie because I like how the main character does his role and I think he plays it well.

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Current State of Robtics

By: Seth Guerra

This is a review… one that will be read by few and passed by without second thought by many more.

The current state of robotics is sometimes not what we expect it to be. Sometimes it disappoints us, and other times it blows our minds with incredible feats of technology. Because I know that near 10% of students have ADHD, I’ll make this short and get to the videos. This first video is one of a humanoid robot dancing to the pop hit “Gangnam Style”

That last video was neat, but robots weren’t invented for dancing. This next video is a very interesting glimpse into the future of robotics. These are called “Disability Robots”; they’re designed to one day give the disabled increased independence and may one day be more common than those crummy, low-tech wheelchairs.

These robots are wonderful! But robots aren’t always the supercomputing, dream machines we want them to be. Sometimes they’re absolute failures that can’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks. This next video will demonstrate just that.

So we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ketchup . . . but we’ve yet to see the dangerous. If there’s one thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger taught me- it’s that robots are contumacious killing machines, and I’ve seen too many Will Smith movies to let you walk away from this article without knowing how to protect yourself from the inevitable global robotic take over.

And if you don’t think that’s possible, let me remind you that you’ve been sitting at a robot this entire time! Mwahhahahahahaha!



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House of Night Series

By: Brittany Hodges

 This series is based around the 16 year old girl who gets “Marked” by a vampyre tracker and begins the change into an actual vampyre.

Soon after she is marked, she has to leave her family and go to a boarding school called House of Night for fledglings like her.

It’s within the school’s walls that the heart of the action takes place as Zoey meets new friends, finds love, and comes to terms with how her life will be different now and begins to realize her awesome new powers.

I love this series!! Its my personal opinion, but this series is awesome!!

The Twilight trilogy has nothing on this series!! It has a very realistic feeling, besides Zoey’s powers.

This series is set in present time, so there’s no Shakespeare language or futuristic gadgets, Thank God!! So anyways, again this is my personal opinion, this is what I think of this series.



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Judge Not

By: Randi Wall

The Good Fight Ministries is very judgmental on Marilyn Manson. The Ministries agree with the statement that Manson is “perhaps the sickest group ever promoted by a mainstream record company.”  They also say that Manson’s music represents the worst in music.

They state “It represents an insatiable lust for power and fleshly indulgences with no thought of the carnage it leaves in its insidious wake. We can see how far modern culture has plunged down the slippery slopes of relativism when serial killers are deluged with letters from women who want to marry them and have their babies.

We also see this phenomenon when there are serial killer T-shirts worn by artists, like Axl Rose, and serial killer trading cards. Of course, another telltale sign that we are in the last days is when artists with names like Marilyn Manson make it big. Who would have predicted that many of the world’s most popular artists would be glorifying serial killers and the mainstream medium would give them their pulpits to corrupt our youth.

God’s word speaks of a time when people would be calling evil good and good evil. We have certainly entered such a time.” And also “Marilyn Manson is not so much an ignorant puppet as he is a willing pawn in Satan’s end time strategy.”  Their opinion is very judgment and out right biased.

However, I love his music. It is unique and very self expressive. Manson is not afraid to freak some one out with his music and does not worry how many people will agree with his music or what is sung in the lyrics.

What makes his music good is that while on the surface it may sound some what weird, if you really listen to the lyrics and follow what the song is saying, every one can relate to something in his music.

Also, Manson him self should be viewed as a positive example that any one can be what they want and that you shouldn’t tease any one because you do not know what they will turn out to be, since Manson was teased as a child in high school.

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“Best Man 2” Can’t Come Quickly Enough For Me

By: April Jackson

The movie, The Best Man, is a really great movie in my opinion. The story starts with Harper returning home, from business, to his girlfriend, Robin. Harper Steward is an inspired writer who just published his new book, Unfinished Business. Harper dedicated it to his best friend, Lance, and his fiancée, Mia.

The book was about his experiences in college. It also features Harper’s affair with Mia. The book was supposed to be published after the wedding. Harper was in for a HUGE surprise. Upon his arrival back home, he and his girlfriend discuss the plans for the weekend. Harper was going to spend his weekend in New York with his friends. You see, Lance and Mia were getting married and Harper was Lance’s best man.

When Harper arrived in NY, he and his friend, Murch, drove to pick up their friend, Jordan. Then, they were going to the club to watch their friend, Q, perform an instrumental piece. In the car, Murch accidently slipped that he had read Harper’s book, and that Jordan read it as well.

Harper was upset about this, but was even more upset when he found out that Q read it as well. Let me tell you guys about Q. Q has been in college for the longest and still is, but one field he knows, and knows it well, is the field of WOMEN!! Back to the story you guys.

However, as long as Lance didn’t get his hand on the book, Harper was cool. However, a thing all changes when Harper finds out that Lance has started the book and is close to the “Affair Chapter.”

Harper tried hard to get the book out of Lance’s sight, but he didn’t try hard enough. Trouble hits at Lance’s bachelor party. The stripers come in and dance for Lance, and then he gives them to Harper. While the party is going, Lance excuses himself to the bathroom to catch on the book.

When he realizes the Harper slept with Mia, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Lance storms out the bathroom and beats Harper crazy. He got so mad that he almost throws Harper off the top of the hotel!

Lance called off the wedding. Now, Harper has to put things back together again. With the help of his girlfriend, Harper manages to get Lance and Mia to jump the broom. At the end, Harper proposes to his girlfriend and they end the night with a traditional dance, the electric slide.

What makes this movie good is the suspense. It keeps your attention and has you waiting for what happens next. If you check out the movie, you’re in for a treat!! Enjoy!!

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