Alexis Turnage



Alexis Turnage is a rising sophomore attending Franklinton High School.

Andie Lee: How many years have you participated in the Upward Bound Program?
Alexis Turnage: It’s my first year

Andie Lee: Do you enjoy it?
Alexis Turnage: Yes.

Andie Lee: Why?
Alexis Turnage: I’ve gotten to meet new people and experience things I’ve never been given the opportunity to experience before. This summer has been a whirlwind of learning how to balance all the things around me.

Andie Lee: What have you learned from this “balancing?”
Alexis Turnage: Mainly how to be more responsible, keep organized, and how to wake up on time?

Andie Lee: What is your favorite class when you’re away from the “whirlwind” of upward bound?
Alexis Turnage: Definitely art, my grandpa drew, so he’s influenced me to follow in his art-loving footsteps

Andie Lee: Why do you love art like your grandfather does?
Alexis Turnage: Art allows me to express myself, even if I’m not the greatest artist.

Andie Lee: Is that what you do on your own time as well?
Alexis Turnage: Sometimes, I love to paint and draw, but I also love reading.

Andie Lee: What’s your favorite book?
Alexis Turnage: Series would be a better term; my favorites are The Harry Potter Series and the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Andie Lee: any other favorites you feel like sharing?
Alexis Turnage: My favorite color is orange.

Andie Lee: What do you plan on doing after high school?
Alexis Turnage: I want to go to LSU to study basic law, and then branch out to specifically pursue criminal law.

Andie Lee: What do you mean by “branch out?”
Alexis Turnage: I haven’t decided yet, but my dream is to attend a prestigious Ivy League school.


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