Andrea Lee



Andrea “Andie” Lee is a rising sophomore from Franklinton High School.

Alexis Turnage: Why do you go by Andie instead of Andrea?

Andie Lee: My mom actually wanted to name me Andie, but thought it was too boyish or childish so they named me Andrea instead. Also, I have been called Andie since I was little so I am used to it by now.

Alexis Turnage: How many years have you attended Upward Bound?

Andie Lee: This is my first year.

Alexis Turnage: Have you enjoyed it so far?

Andie Lee: Yes, because I am getting to get ahead on my studies for college and I love all my friends I have and I am getting to meet.

Alexis Turnage: What is one thing you have learned from this program?

Andie Lee: To take responsibility for a lot of things like, getting up on time, making sure I go to bed early enough so I am not tired the next day, get to class when I need to, and other stuff.

Alexis Turnage: Do you have good grades in school?

Andie Lee: Yeah, all A’s basically.

Alexis Turnage: What is your favorite class?

Andie Lee: Choir, because I like to sing and I grew up loving to sing. I sing all the time, ask my roommate.

Alexis Turnage: Are you any good?

Andie Lee: I believe I am okay. I can carry a tune, but I am not anything special.

Alexis Turnage: So what other activities are you into?

Andie Lee: Lets see, reading, being a nerd like I said all A’s, obsessing over Harry Potter… (LOL)

Alexis Turnage: How did you get into Harry Potter books?

Andie Lee: My aunt read them to me when I was little, so when I got older I decided to read them on my own, I fell in love ever since. These books are the books that brought me into my love of reading.

Alexis Turnage: So let’s talk about favorites. What is your favorite color?

Andie Lee: Purple because it symbolizes royalty and higher rankings.

Alexis Turnage: Favorite book?

Andie Lee: The Harry Potter Series, the Hunger Games Trilogy, and the Twilight Saga.

Alexis Turnage: Why?

Andie Lee: Harry Potter because of the aunt thing I told you earlier. Hunger Games because it captivated, and Twilight because I am a sucker for romance.

Alexis Turnage: What are your plans after you graduation?

Andie Lee: To go to LSU for psychology. Then become a psychiatrist because it fascinates me how people are crazy. Then move on to teach psychology at a university.


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