Devyn Alford


So just yesterday I interviewed a classmate. From my point of view, it wasn’t just an ordinary interview. Everything he said, he said it with heart, and he was honest about everything.


It was pretty inspirational to me. It was so inspirational that it might go down in MY history book as one of the best interviews I’ve ever done.

Devyn Alford, a rising sophomore at Mount Hermon School and a first year participant in Upward Bound (a program that helps high school students of all ages and grade levels academically) has a lot to look forward to in the near future. He excels in biology and anything that deals with science.

Aside from working hard in the laboratory he likes to listen to music, observing and showing his appreciation for art, and being around his friends and family. Other than that, he just enjoys relaxing and taking a load off after so much hard work.

When asked what he has learned from Upward Bound, he responded by saying: “Well the only think I can really say I learned from Upward Bound is communication skills. It has helped me a lot in school.”

Devyn is still undecided about what specific career he wants to take on, but he knows for sure that he wants to do something that deals with science.

With the enthusiasm and exuberance he shows in his biology and molecular biology classes, I would say it’s his true calling.

Some of the questions I asked Devyn had some real “from the heart” answers. Some of the questions were: “Who inspired you the most?”, “what else are you interested in besides science?”, “what other place that’s not located in the United States would you like to travel to?”

The answers I got were: “My dad inspires me the most because he’s a hard worker and all he wants me to do is my best;” “Well, one other thing that I’m interested in other than science would be computers and technology and stuff like that you know? Stuff like that is one the rise today;” “the places I would visit would be Rome and Greece because I’m really interested in Greek mythology.”

In my eyes, I felt like this was one of the best interviews I had ever performed because Devyn was honest about his answers and he thought about what he was going to say before he just blurted out an answer.

To me, he really took it serious like I and many other people think all interviews should be taken.


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