Jestini Fox


My name is Tiffany Wallace and I have just interviewed Jestini Fox.


Jestini is 17 years old and a raising senior at Jewel M. Sumner High School in Kentwood, Louisiana. She had been in the Upward Bound Program of Southeastern Louisiana University for three years today.

She enjoys being away from home during the summer and getting a head start in her academics. Her favorite class is Journalism taught by Amber Perry. Jestini has attended the class for as long as she has been in Upward Bound. One thing Jestini has learned first hand in this program is that you can never be shy.

Jestini has many activities she enjoys in her free time. She likes to read, write, talk to people, and listen to music. Her favorite foods include Mexican and Italian.

Her favorite TV show is “True Blood” and her favorite movie is Titanic. She enjoys the song “Someone Like You” by Adele. Her favorite colors include red, black, and blue. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate.

After graduation in 2013, Jestini plans to attend a four year university where she plans to major not only in physiology, but law as well.


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