KeJuan Scott



My name is Jaylin Butler and today I interviewed Kejuan Scott. I learned much about him in this period of time.

Jaylin Butler: What’s your school and grade?

Kejuan Scott: I’m a rising sophomore at St. Helena High School.

JB: How many years have you been in Upward Bound?

KS: This is my first year.

JB: What’s your favorite class?

KS: P.E. because I like to play.

JB: What’s your favorite activity?

KS: Playing basketball.

JB: What’s something you’ve learned from the program?

KS: I learned to be a better person.

JB: What are some of your favorites?

KS: Football, because it’s a boy sport. Lil Boosie is my favorite rapper because he relates to real life. The Miami Heat is my favorite basketball team, while LeBron James is my favorite player because they’re the best.

JB: What are your plans after graduation?

KS: I plan on going to college and getting a degree in engineering.


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