Taylor Covington



I’m taking a journalism class as one of my two cultural classes. We had an assignment to find a partner and create an interview. I had the privilege to interview a fellow rising sophomore from Franklinton High School named Taylor Covington.

I could relate to her on many of the items discussed throughout the interview.

Taylor is a rising sophomore and this is her first year in the Upward Bound program. She believes the program is helping her because she can get ahead in her normal school classes. Her favorite class happens to be social studies. She has learned new things in science.

When asked what her plans were after graduating high school Taylor stated that she plans on going to medical school and become an anesthesiologist. She is interested in this career because she loves to knock people out.

I asked Taylor who inspired her the most. She said her mom because she doesn’t believe in quitting and pushes her to do well in life.

Her favorites are helping people, animals, traveling, sports, and music and her favorite activities are sports and playing music.
She is also an only child and feels that sharing a dorm room is kind of a blank emotion because she is sharing a room with her best friend. For a while when she was younger she moved away to Washington. I questioned how did it feel to leave Louisiana.

Taylor said that it was a big emotional and physical change because she was having family and had to get used to climate and time zone. I understand completely because I moved away to Tennessee for about a year and it took some getting use to, I really missed the culture of Louisiana such as the food. I was able to relate to her on that topic.

In conclusion, I felt the interview helped us to where we were able to relate to each other. We had many similarities and Taylor is a kind person to hang out with.


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