Roi Albert



Roi Albert, a sophomore attending Hammond High, is new to Upward Bound. So far, he seems to have enjoyed the program, and felt as if he has learned many things from being in Upward Bound, as he says, “It has taught me how to different stuff, in different ways,” such enthusiasm is much needed because of the early risings, and tiring classes.

When not at Upward Bound, Roi spends his days playing Basketball. “It’s fun” he says with a grin, “what more can you ask for?”

His favorite team is the Miami Heat, and his favorite player is Lebron James. Besides his love for basketball, Roi also enjoys listening to rap music, a common favorite among teenagers today, his favorite artist is Lil Wayne, when asked for a comment on this, he did not respond.

After graduation Roi, plans to attend Southeastern, and plans to attain a major in construction. As stated by Roi, when asked why we wanted this major he replied, “I want to build new things.” Such a goal is an inspiration for fellow Upward Bound Students.


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