My Favorite Songs


“Cry” by Tynisha Keli is one of my favorite songs because a lot of girls can relate to it. By us being human beings, we’re going to be attracted to someone else. Whether it’s the opposite sex, or the same sex, sooner or later we will find someone else very attractive. And one day, you may decide that you’re ready to date. By us still being young, we don’t really know what we wants when it comes to relationships, or we might just simply not be ready to really settle down. So we may get cheated on, our hearts broke, which leads to tears, frustration and depression. Cry is a very good song to listen to while in that predicament because the words really speak to you. The artist is telling you, that it’s okay to cry. When you get your heart broke, and you’re feeling weak and vulnerable its okay to shed some tears.

“For You” by Kenny Lattimore is a good song to me because it’s a real sweet song. The man is explaining that he’d do a lot of things for his girlfriend, and I think it’s really sweet.

“You’re the One” by Magnolia Shorty is another one of my favorites songs because it’s a song, and a New Orleans beat to it. The song is basically explaining that even though the boy has a girlfriend, she stills wants to be with him. By us being females, like I said earlier, we can’t really control who we’re attracted to. And sometimes we may feel like even though the person you’re attracted to may have a girlfriend, you still want them. It happens sometimes.


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