Ashten Roy



In my Journalism class in Upward Bound, I was assigned to interview Ashten Roy. Ashten is a rising sophomore at Hammond High Magnet School in Hammond, Louisiana. She has been in Upward Bound for only one year. Her absolute favorite subject is science. Ashten enjoys reading, playing basketball, and spending time with her family.

In the Upward Bound program, Ashten has learned what a seine is. She described it as “a large net.” Ashten is a very energetic and fun-loving girl. Her favorite band is the newest boy band, One Direction. Her favorite song is Your Heart by Chris Tomlin. Her family originates from Spain, so naturally her favorite type of food is Spanish. Since Ashten loves to read very much, I made her choose which book is her favorite, and she said “The Hunger Games.”

When I asked Ashten the question, “What are your plans after you graduate?” she responded that she wants to go the the famous Ivy League school, Yale University, to study to become a Trauma Surgeon. Whenever I asked Ashten who inspires you, Ashten responded quickly with, “My grandmother inspires me because of all of her struggles that she has to deal with in her everyday life.


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