Mariah Doherty




Chelsi: What grade are you in?

Mariah: I am in the 10th grade.


Chelsi: What school do you attend?

Mariah: I attend at Ponchatoula High School


Chelsi: What are your favorite classes and why?

Mariah: My favorite class is 7 Habits because, she funny, cool, and I like the activities she got plan for us to do.


Chelsi: What activities you like to do?

Mariah: Shopping, hanging out with her friends, text, and volleyball.


Chelsi: What is one thing you’ve learned in Upward Bound?

Mariah: Not to be loud in the hallways because, they have other college students who paid for their classes.


Chelsi: What is your favorite movie and why?

Mariah: My favorite movie is Love and Basketball because, it’s romantic and funny.


Chelsi: What are your plans to do after graduation and why?

Mariah: I want to get my High school Diploma then, go to Xavier University to get my degree in Vet and major in Biology and Mathematics. I would like to be a Vet because, I love animals.


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