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Drew Brees: Drew Brees has made an impact coming to the New Orleans Saints. He led the team to victory in Super Bowl XLIV. He also made the MVP and offensive player of the year. He was the second player in NFL history to throw for over 4,000 yds in six straight seasons.


Mark Ingram: He is a hard runner who most teams want so that’s what makes his most wanted and a #1 draft pick. He was the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner.


Marques Colston: He is one of the NFL’s most difficult-to-defend players. He’s a dependable player for the Saints and a person to count on when needed. He is one of the seven players to reach 1,000 receiving yards in five of his six seasons.


Pierre Thomas: Pierre is one of the most productive running backs in franchise history. He ranked third in club history in yards per carry, tied for fifth in rushing touchdowns, ranked tenth in rushing yardage.


Darren Sproles: Darren is a great players. He has the speed the Saints need and can run for touchdowns. He had a terrific season in 2011. He set a NFL record in single season record with 2,696 all-purpose yards.


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