Taja Morgan



Victoria Wallace: What grade are you in?

Taja Morgan: I’m a rising senior

Victoria: How many years have you been in Upward Bound?

Taja: Three years.

Victoria: Do you have a favorite class at UB?

Taja: No, I don’t.

Victoria: Have any favorite classes?

Taja: I like basketball.

Victoria: So, what have you learned from the program?

Taja: I think I’ve educational things…I guess.

Victoria: Name your favorite movies, colors, and hobbies.

Taja: “Chronicle,” “Avatar” “Rise of The Planet of The Apes,” and “X-Men : First Class.” My favorite colors are blue and lime green

Victoria: So, do you like my light green and blue socks?

Taja : Obviously, they’re my favorite color.

Victoria: Do you like my slippers?

Taja: Yeah, because they’re nike

Victoria: What’s your favorite movie genre?

Taja: Romantic comedies.

Victoria: How long have you been growing out your hair?

Taja: Six to seven years. I don’t want to be like everyone else.

Victoria: Who’s your favorite voice in film?

Taja : Eddie Murphy because he’s funny.


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