Tiffany Wallace



Jestini Fox: What school do you go to?

Tiffany Wallace: Jewel M. Sumner High school

JF: How many years have you been the Upward Bound program?

TW: Three years

JF: What are your favorite classes? Why?

TW: I would say Journalism and Microbiology because I like to write and you get to see how gross the world really is.

JF: What activities do you like to do?

TW: Reading, writing, listening to music, spending time with my boyfriend, and going to the movies.

JF: What is one thing you have learned in the program?

TW: That a lot of kids don’t grow up.

JF: What’s you r favorite type of music?

TW: Country and R&B

JF: Who’s your favorite actor?

TW: Johnny Depp

JF: Who’s your favorite actress?

TW: Jennifer Aniston

JF: What’s you r favorite type of movies?

TW: Anything romantic or a comedy

JF: What’s you r favorite song?

TW: Give Your Heart a Break- Demi Lavito

JF: What are your plans after high school?

TW: I plan to attend Southeastern and get my Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene until I finally figure out what I want to major in. After college I plan to move far from home and completely start over with my own family.


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