Top Five Rappers


1.Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar is an up and coming rapper signed by Top Dawg Entertainment. He is my favorite because he isn’t easily understood and listeners really have to be educated to understand the meanings behind his music.

2. J. Cole – J.Cole is second on my list because I relate to him a lot. He is sort of a role model for me. He is currently Roc Nation’s first signed artist and is bound to be the best.

3. Andre 3000 – Andre 3000 is arguably the greatest rapper of all time. His music is understood by few but yet loved by many. He is mainly known for being a part of the group, Outkast. Outkast is often called the greatest hip-hop group off all time.

4. Eminem – Eminem makes my list because he is maybe the most controversial rapper in history. His music sparks fire in the hearts of many and he’s always at his best.

5. Souls of Mischief – The Souls of Mischief are an older and less known about music group. They hail from Oakland, CA. They never made it as a really “mainstream” group but their music was amazing nonetheless.


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