“Avengers” Proves it’s Summer’s Best Movie


“The Avengers” is a movie about all the super heroes of the world. They all have their own unique super powers and can accomplish a lot of things. I like the movie because it has a lot of action.

The movie shows how teamwork can get the job done rather than working alone. My favorite character is The Hulk because he shows that having the power does not mean you have to use it with everything. He can control his anger which brings out his incredible power. This movie is a great movie to see.

“The Avengers” is a great action movie. It has lots of ups and downs in the movie which people like in a movie. Most action movies show fighting and lots of sounds and this movie was great at accomplishing all those things.

This movie got great rating because of its image it portrays. Other heroes worked with each other and sorted out certain responsibilities which got the job done.


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