Music to Feed your Soul


 Brand New Eyes by Paramore

This album is one of my favorites because its songs aren’t composed of simply catchy beats and shallow lyrics. Each song has its own story that you must really listen for to comprehend. I also like these song-stories because they aren’t set in stone; the lyrics offer numerous possibilities of how they can be perceived.

Any person willing to commit to deep thinking can listen to a song on this album and create a meaning behind it.

My review on each of these songs is how I perceive them, even though the actual meaning of each song is subjective.

“Careful”- I like this song because it’s a true representation of how the world is today. You almost have to build a wall around you to keep people from taking advantage of your vulnerabilities. Hayley Williams sings “you have to reach a little more” before you can let your guard down.

“Ignorance”- I love the angry side of Hayley Williams in this song. In most of her songs you can find reason; I like how this song seems to just be a release of all the pent of feelings of anger she has at someone that has upset her.

“Playing God”- I love the sarcasm in this song. You can hear it underlying in Hayley William’s voice when she sings lines such as, “well maybe you should tie me up, so I don’t go where you don’t want me,” and “well it has to be so lonely to be the only one who’s holy.”

“Brick by Boring Brick”- This song is symbolic of life itself. From growing up and burying your dreams and fantasies, being forsaken by someone you trusted, lying to yourself about things that trouble you in life, and finally having faith in something so you can keep living another day. Hayley Williams sings “if it’s real then you can see it with your eyes, oh even in the dark.” This doesn’t necessarily mean you need tangible proof for something to be real to you. It means that if you believe in something enough, the “proof” you have is unexplainable, like seeing in the dark.

“Turn it Off”- I like this song because to me, it tells a story of going through times that test your faith. When you’re tempted to throw your faith away and think there’s nothing out there to count on other than yourself, Hayley Williams sings “just turn it off” in a final effort to get rid of all the thoughts that may lead to losing her faith.

“The Only Exception”- I like this song because it’s simple about its meaning. Digging into the deep depths of songs to connect to them can be tiring. This song is nice and mellow; describing someone who’s been hurt by a dysfunctional family that enabled said person to have trouble believing in love. Then this person found someone that made them forget their jaded views on love.

“Feeling Sorry”- I like this song because even though it’s not just a break-up song. This song can mean getting over any hard times in your life and never letting yourself stop living.

“Looking Up”- This song is a very good inspirational song. It tells of how dreams are worth fighting for and looking back and being so glad you didn’t give up even when you were inches from failure.

“Where the Lines Overlap”- I like this song because Hayley Williams sings of hectic times and how even though they are hard to manage, it’s worth it if it means your living your dream. I also like how she implies that others should be content in their life when she sings, “and I have a feeling if I sang this loud enough that you’d sing it back to me.”

“Misguided Ghosts”- This song is good because of its mellow tone and story of being a “ghost” of a person that’s confused and searching for something tangible to hang on to.

“All I Wanted”- I like this song because it’s romantic, but it shows how vulnerable love can make you. I believe this song says that it’s easy to get lost in something you love, and forget about everything else in your life.


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