Sizzling Show Returns for Second Season


Shea, Vasi and McCoy

LisaRaye McCoy as Keisha Greene – a former hip-hop music video model turned semi-professional poker player who relies on her head instead of her heart when it comes to relationship decision-making.

Charity Shea as April Goldberg (formerly Jenkins) – April has been married for seven years to Darryl, and hopes to pursue her career dream by moving from assistant to the record label’s owner to an A&R executive. As she begins to spread her wings, she realizes that marriage may not be her ideal situation. On April’s birthday, Darryl served her with divorce papers.
Denise Vasi as Raquel Lancaster (Season 2) – a friend of Keisha’s and April’s.
D. B. Woodside as Malcolm Franks – He turned his father’s jewelery store into a successful international business. According to the VH1 blog, “He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him.”
Travis Winfrey as Omar Kearse (Season 2, recurring previously) – an employee at the boutique and an outspoken friend to the women.
Stacey Dash as Valerie “Val” Stokes (Season 1) – An aspiring fashion mogul who purchased a fashion boutique in “one of the hottest areas of Atlanta,” the VH1 website says, “Ultimately, she’s a “good girl” looking for a good man.” Val has relocated to Milan and sold her boutique over to Raquel.
Kassandra Clementi as Christina Carter (Season 1) – A fashion intern with a free spirit and “an eye for fashion”. She is a party girl and wild child. After failing her classes, she had been deported back home.
“Single Ladies” is a good television show for people who likes drama and excitement. This television show is about single ladies dating the wrong men, to try and find the right one. One of my favorite characters would be LisaRaye McCoy played as Keisha Greene.

Keisha is a woman who likes to hustle for her money, and real. This character don’t play when it comes to her money, her love, and her man.

Now, in this season she is caught up with her boyfriend Malcolm’s mess; she got arrested for him. But, her ex is her lawyer, so Malcolm kind of thinks there is something going on with them too.

Keisha’s ex cheated on her in the past and is trying to earn her love back, but the problem is Keisha is in love with Malcolm. So, hopefully when this season end we can see who gets Keisha Greene.


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