The Coldest Winter Ever


The story of Winter Santiaga (named that because she was born during one of New York’s worst snowstorms), the rebellious, pampered teenage daughter of a notorious drug dealer. Ricky Santiaga, Winter’s father, has attained substantial wealth through his illegal drug empire and lavishes his wife, Winter, and Winter’s three younger sisters, Porsche, Lexus, and Mercedes, with the best things money can (and cannot) buy.

“Winter,” along with Soulja’s follow-up novel, “Midnight.”

Unknown to her father, Winter uses her hustling tricks to get whatever she wants. Winter’s world is turned upside down on her 16th birthday, when her father suddenly decides to relocate his family and his growing business to Long Island, but she is determined not to sever ties with the old neighborhood.

Sister Soulja makes Winter come alive by showing her that, you can’t have your cake and eat it (she wants everything handed to her, but it don’t work like that). It’s real out there in the streets.


Winter got Love and Lust mixed up, she so busy worrying about money because she money hungry. She basically wants the finer things in life. Winter always forces herself on her dad which is Ricky Santiaga bodyguard whom name is Midnight. When Midnight turns Winter down, she realizes, she can’t get anyone.


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