“Cyber Bully” Hits Close to Home


I personally love the movie “Cyber Bully.” It made me laugh and cry. The main purpose of the movie the “Cyber Bully” is to show the effect of cyber bullying. It also involve points to how bullying is constantly getting out of control, yet there is not much other people are doing about it. It shows how anyone can be a bully and bullying styles in which many people don’t know are bullying. The movie displays a typical teenager just wanting to be more social, yet she end up in a stressful uncontrollable situation.

Teenager Taylor played by Emily Osment receives a laptop for her birthday. To create a more sociable life for her, her friends create her a Clickster account. Clickster is a fictional version of Facebook. After a few days of fun, Taylor becomes a target because her younger brother puts a defamatory post on her wall.

Then, she makes her friend mad and she makes a fake account spreading lies about Taylor, which leads to many more false stories. In the real world people starts treating her differently, this results in her attempting suicide. Then, her mother begins trying to resolve the situation so no one else would feel what her daughter had to feel.

Eventually, no one offers legal help, so the mother turns to public attention, which outcome is bill being established in the state.

My favorite character in this movie is the mother which is played by Kelly Rowan. She displays a very strong role, yet she should have enforced more discipline, then it wouldn’t have gone that far. If she would have personally deleted her daughter’s page when she saw that she was affected, she would have never seen the comments being posted.

Despite some flaws, the movie sends out a great message, but she should have been a concerned mother, not an equal friend.


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