“4” is Beyonce’s Best Album to Date


“4” is singer/songwriter, Beyoncé Knowles’ fourth album. It was released through Columbia Records on June 24th, 2011. “4” is a twelve song set (eighteen in the deluxe edition.) The album is truly amazing.

In her album, “4”, Beyoncé allowed her inner artist to come out, and she was able to have the freedom to record songs in which she wanted. The lyrics came together naturally for her. In this album Beyoncé mixed 1970’s R&B with pop, she had some soul music, and her hip-hop charisma had also shown.

Her main goal was to bring back that soul that she had in Destiny’s Child with more instruments and much more emotion to her music.

The first song on Beyoncé’s album, 4, is “1+1”. I believe that this song is simply about love. She says in the song “Cause baby, we ain’t got nothing without love” which shows this true love for this guy. The second song that is one of my favorites is “Love on Top.”

I believe that this song is dedicated to her husband, Jay-Z. Jay-Z was always the “bad boy,” and I believe once Beyoncé realized that Jay-Z had felt the way that Beyoncé did, she felt like she was the queen because he put her “on top.”


Beyoncé’s album, “4”, was truly amazing. I love every song. They are all very catchy and can really get in your head. It helps you get into a better mood. It’s just one of the best albums that I’ve ever heard.


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