Classic Singing at its Best


The album “New World Order” was created by the late Curtis Mayfield. In my opinion, I think this album is the absolute best. Mayfield created the songs on this album with a very important message, but it also left his listeners to think about that important message and apply them in life. The song that I feel is the best on the album is “Oh So Beautiful.” There are a total of the thirteen songs on the album. These are the names of the following tracks that are on this album:

1.“New World Oder”
2.“Ms. Martha”
3.“Back to Living Again”
4.“No One Knows About a Good Thing (You Don’t Have to Cry)”
5.“Just a Little Bit of Love”
6.“We People Who are Darker than Blue”
7.“I Believe in You”
8.“Here But I’m Gone”
9.“It Was Love That We Needed”
10. “The Got Dang Song”
11. “The Girl I Find Stays On My Mind”
12. “Let’s Not Forget”
13. “Oh So Beautiful”

“New World Order” basically focuses on how the people in the world needs to and must make a change.
“Ms. Martha” is a song that was dedicated to Mayfield’s mother. It talks about the struggles that Mayfield’s mother had to face.
“Back to Living Again” gives the listeners some advice on how to get back on track when they’ve messed up in life.
“No One Knows About a Good Thing (You Don’t Have to Cry)” predicts how the world will be destroyed and crushed if we as human beings do not make a change quick.
“Just a Little Bit of Love” is exactly what this world needs in order to make a change.
“We People Who are Darker than Blue” gives a kind of reality check for African Americans. It also gives encouragement for those who struggling in life.
“I Believe in You” is a love song written for Mayfield’s wife. Also, he mentions how he plans to keep believing in his wife.
“Here But I’m Gone” leaves people who have a tendency to look down on others in the mindset of those who are trying to stop using drugs.
“It Was Love That We Needed” preaches the fact that when we finally show love to one another, we will be in a much better place than we are in today.
“The Got Dang Song” pretty much speaks for itself. Sometimes you just have to say “Got Dang.”
“The Girl I Find Stays On My Mind” is also another dedicated song to Mayfield’s wife. It tells how his wife forever stays on his mind, and no one can ever take her place.
“Let’s Not Forget” is another song that reminds African Americans of who they are as a people and were they come from.

“Oh So Beautiful,” in its unique way, has encouragement in it. All parts of life are not all bad. There is plenty of good in it, but you just have to be willing to find it.


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