Latest YA Novel Captures Readers Young and Old


The Hunger Games is an intriguing read from start to finish. In the book, The Hunger Games are an annual televised event.

Our main character, Katniss, is introduced on the first page as she awakens for Reaping Day. Katniss is a strong headed, sarcastic, and very brave 16 year old. As a punishment for the rebellion against the Capitol that destroyed District 13, one male and female from each district, ages 12 to 18, called tributes are chosen to compete in these horrifying games, also referred to as The Hunger Games.

After the tributes are chosen, the city of Panem watches while these children fight to the death.

Katniss wasn’t excepting to be chosen for the games, but her younger sister, Prim, was called. Since Prim was only 12 and had little chance of surviving, Katniss volunteered herself as tribute, a thing District 12 has rarely seen.

Right after Katniss volunteers, the male tribute, Peeta, is chosen. Katniss is not too thrilled seeing as she had an encounter with Peeta that left her feeling like she owed him.
The book then continues with the tributes from all Districts arriving at the Capital, here they are prepped, trained, and mentored. In one session, the Gamemakers give the tributes their training scores, and Katniss is surprised to see hers is an 11 a very high score.

The tributes are then thrust into the games and wait horrified as one after the other is killed. The Hunger Games is a very well written book. Suzanne Collins deals with issues we face today, such as starvation and poverty. She writes in a way that absorbs you, leaving you wanting more. Collins has entertained millions with this book. The Hunger Games is an amazing book and will leave you wanting more, believe me.


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