My Top Three Books


In life people have many different things that they enjoy. One thing I enjoy is reading books. I am going to talk about three of my favorite books.

The Coldest Winter Ever
By: Sister Souljiah

This is one my favorite book. I absolutely loved this book. This book was definitely a page turner; it captured my attention and kept it. This book was about the life of a girl Winter and what happened to her after her drug dealing father was sent to prison.

I think a person who enjoys reading books that involves teenage problems, a little suspense, and events that can happen in real life will definitely enjoy reading this book. I would definitely recommend others to read this book.






Street Pharm
By: Allison van Diepen

This is another one of my favorite books. I have recently read this book and I was very impressed. Just like The Coldest Winter Ever, this book grasped my attention from page one.

This book was telling how a young boy was going doing the same path his father chose, which was to sell drugs. In the end, he realized the game was a dead end and there was more to life than the fast money.

This book was really touching, it really touched my emotions. I would recommend young teens to read this book to realize that the drug game is dangerous and in the end it will get you no where.




Keyshia and Clyde
By: Treasure E. Blue

This book was absolutely amazing. I could read this book a thousand times. This book tells the story of three brothers who were on three totally different pages. This book was like a mystery in a way, because in the end the boys found out who really shot their mother.

This book was kind of like a love story. I like this book and anyone who enjoys books that have a twist to the ending would enjoy this book as well.


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