Romantic Summer Night Movie


Love Jones is honestly the best movie of all time in my opinion. It’s a love story , but to me it has meaning behind it, a message. And that message to me is, true love never dies, it always comes back.

This story is about two adults, Nina Mosely, and Darius Lovehall, who are just two ordinary people, living their ordinary lives until one day, they meet each other, which is the start of something beautiful.

Nina Mosely is a photographer , who hopes to some day own her own photography company. She had just got out of a bad relationship with her ex boyfriend Marvin, a couple weeks before she meets Darius Lovehall.

Darius Lovehall is a writer. He loves to write and hopes to one day get his book published. Darius hasn’t been in a relationship in a couple years, but he does think about his ex Felicia from time to time.

Darius meets Nina one night at a poetry lounge. Nina’s first impression of him was she thought he was clumsy because he spilled some drink on her, but after she heard him read the poem (which he dedicated to her) she started to develop feelings for him.

Although Darius tried to get with Nina that night, she politely turned him down, but I guess when it’s real you’ll know. One day Nina went to the record shop to get her some records , where she runs into Darius again. What she didn’t know was that Darius’s best friend owns the record shop. Darius is really persistent because he still tries to get her number, but again she politely declines him.

Darius goes to her house, and eventually they hook up. Although their relationship has its ups and down, in the end they end up back together which I think is really pretty, because they did go through a lot together, and somehow found their way back to each other.

I personally want a relationship like Darius and Nina, minus the fights, and the lies. Their communication was okay, although their were times when they did hide things from each other, their whole relationship was pretty good.


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