The “Eye Legacy” Review


The album “Eye Legacy” is an album made of unreleased songs recorded by the late Lisa Lopes of TLC. The album features duets with musicians such as Missy Elliott, 2Pac and Bobby Valentino.

The songs were remixed from their original state to create a new and interesting flavor for audiences that are Left Eye fans. Each track tells a story that everyone can relate to.

• In the Life tells the story of how Lisa believed that she would be famous as an entertainer, when everyone around her was negative about it. The song basically means if you believe in yourself your dreams can come true and everyone that doubted you along the way will want to know your story and how you became successful in life.
• Spread Your Wings tells the lesson of how you never give up and no matter how hard things get you keep trying.
• Listen tells a lesson of no matter where you come from you choose your own destiny.
• Forever tells the story of two childhood friends that began dating and they endure pain during their relationship. But, they realize they mean so much to each other that they’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.
• Through the Pain tells the story of someone who lost touch with a close friend and they are saying is that no matter where they are they feel that person guiding them every day.
• Let It Out tells the story of how a young schoolgirl gets kidnapped and raped by an older man she knew and how she wanted to forget about the painful experience but can’t because no one knows about it and the shame is getting to her.
• Neva Will Eye explains to people how you always keep your morals and values and never do anything that will make you feel weak or ashamed.
• Let’s Just Do It says you should not be afraid to be different and have fun.
• Lisa just says that you get hounded by people every day and you just want them to leave you alone. You just want them to let you live your life and tell them it’s none of their business.
• Crank It says that you should switch roles with your boyfriend every now and then. You should go out and do exactly what he does and he should stay home and watch the kids.
• Block Party is about this block that has a party with games and barbeque and says that you should just have a mind set to totally enjoy yourself. It’s a dance record that will make you move.
• Bounce is a club song that tells you how celebrities act when they’re out with friends and it’s a dance record also.
• Legendary tells listeners that Left Eye’s music and ability is untouchable basically.

Anyway, every song has a life lesson in it, lessons that you can take with you through your entire life. The entire album is an encouraging piece written to inspire others.

There are a few songs that were made to be party songs because the songs let you know it’s okay to have fun and add a little spice and adventure to your life every now and then. Overall, it’s a wonderful piece that will forever inspire generations and boast your confidence as well. It is well worth the price.


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