Twelve Years Later, Marshall Mathers still Rings True

Jaylin Bulter

Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP

This was Eminem’s third studio album signed under Dr. Dre and Interscope Record and an overall great album. It consists 17 controversial tracks that boasted his alias as being the most controversial rapper in history.

The album was released on May 23, 2000 and went on to sell more than 1.76 million in the first week. It is the fastest selling rap album in history. As of May 23, the album was certified diamond and sold over 10,598,000 copies.

Public Service Announcement 2000″ – This is a 25 second track encouraging fans that Eminem is going to be Eminem.

“Kill You” – This the second track of the album. It’s a very dark yet still amazing track. It even sparked controversy in Canada when Eminem was booked to perform the song. Ontario Attorney General Jim Flaherty stopped Eminem at the border and argued that Canada doesn’t want anything to do with someone who encourages violence against women.

“Stan” – Stan was the third single off the album and tells a tragic story about how a fanatic of Eminem gets frustrated when Eminem doesn’t answer his fan mail. Stan eventually turns homosexual for Eminem and kills his wife and himself.

“Paul” (Skit) – This is simply a skit that shows Paul Rosenburg’s frustration with Eminem and his music.

“Who Knew” – In this track Eminem tells how he never knew his music would have such a negative impact towards children and points a finger at the parents.

“Steve Berman (Skit)” – This skit shows how Eminem’s agent is frustrated with his work and leads into the next track…

“The Way I Am” – This was the second single from the album where Eminem stresses his frustration with his fans, family, agents, lawsuits, and the public. He explains that he refuses to change the way he is.

“The Real Slim Shady” – This was the first single off the album. Equipped with a contagious hook and straight forward message. It was truly a hit.

“Remember Me?” – Stick Fingaz and RBX guest starred in this track.

“I’m Back” – In this track Eminem explains the controversial things that make him Slim Shady.

“Marshall Mathers” – In this song Em explains how he’s just a regular guy and talks about how becoming famous changes everything.

“Drug Ballad” – Em talks about what goes through the mind of young people doing drugs.

“Amityville” – Em along with Bizarre talk about Amityville, Detroit.

“Kim” – Eminem expresses his hate toward his ex-wife Kim in this dark and twisted track.

“Under the Influence” – Eminem brings D12 along on this great track.

“Criminal” – A very good and humorous track.

“Ken Kaniff (Skit)” – A humorous skit.


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