A Few of My Favorite Things


These books are probably my favorite series of books because they have so many things to learn, like bravery, it’s good to have wits, friendship is a key to happiness, and don’t mess up spells.

It has something for everybody. It’s inspiring and fun to read.






These books are also one of my favorites but these books are a trilogy.

They showed me even when things get tough; if you set your mind to something it can be achieved.

It also opened my eyes to how fast things can be taken away from you and that some people have it worse than others. Cherish what you have; don’t tread on what you don’t have. These books really opened my eyes.


This song is probably my all time favorite song. It is so inspirational. The message of this song is to never give up. Never, whenever you feel like you cant move on, don’t stop. Keep moving forward, always.


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