A Hip-Hop Love Triangle


Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Drake. Those are the three names that are in everyone’s mouth right now. “The Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake beef” is what most sources are calling it, and word on the street is, they’re beefing over the pop artist Rihanna, also known as Chris Brown’s ex.

All of the artists once upon a time, were actually quite good friends believe it or not. Well, if you let the pictures and songs tell it, they all got along just fine until Chris Brown thought Drake and Rihanna were dating. Which obviously was a slap in a face to him because Drake was supposed to be his friend.

Word on the street is, after Chris Brown and Rihanna made that song ‘Birthday Cake” they got back together. But obviously they broke back up, cause Rihanna is now supposedly with Drake.

My opinion is though, Chris Brown shouldn’t even be worried about Rihanna, she’s been with a lot of music artists, and to me she’s for everybody. She’s not someone you would start a family with, she’s out there and obviously isn’t ready for a real relationship.

People are saying that Rihanna is just going out with Meek Mill to make Chris Brown jealous, and that might honestly be true. She’s still sprung over Chris, everyone knows that. She throws little subliminals in her songs, and so does he.

The beef is pointless to me. None of the artists actually own rihanna, so she can do whatever she wants to do. If she wants to sleep with every artist out there, then why cant she?

Chris cant get mad , they’re not together anymore. But I do see why he got mad when he found out about her and drake. Friends are NOT supposed to sleep with their friends ex’s…that’s crossing the line.


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