A New Spin on an Old Tale


Club Dead By: Charlaine Harris Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

Club Dead is the third installment in the Sookie Stackhouse Series aka The Southern Vampire Mysteries. This book is where the Harris’s novels have really started to take off. 

Young Sookie has gone through thick and thin with Civil War Veteran Bill Compton and when she discovers he’s left her for a mysterious Lorena in Mississippi she doesn’t know how to react.

When she discovers he has been kidnapped by the King of Mississippi Stackhouse jumps up to take the position to go on a rescue mission, along with werewolf Alcide at her side as her bodyguard.

While in Mississippi Sookie finds out information about her ex-loves abduction all the while making new enemies and getting herself staked.

Eric Northman (the sheriff of Area 5 and Bill’s boss) has managed to blend in and save her life. When she’s been healed and rested the young telepath wakes up to Mr. Northman by her side in one of the King’s guestrooms.

Eric and Sookie quickly and efficiently devise a plan to rescue Bill (who is being tortured in the King’s pool house). Sookie does so efficiently and they return to Alcide’s apartment in Jackson.

After a rather messy fall out between Bill and Sookie, she tells Eric to bring her home to Louisiana and he does. Following walking in on a quick stop robbery they finally arrive at Sookie’s old farm house.

And as it would be for the waitress there are a gang of werewolves waiting to jump her inside. Eric and Bill show up and save the day once again. Sookie is gravely injured and the novel ends with her revoking their invitation into her home.

This novel is one of the best written in the series and definitely has some of the most interesting plot line. Mrs. Harris takes you away on a supernatural journey and into the life of young Sookie. This writing style is easy to understand and quick to get to the point. It’s a quick read and holds your attention from the time you put it in your hand till you read the last sentence.

The characters are well rounded with varying personalities and most have witty remarks that always bring a smile to my face. I personally suggest you pick up the Sookie Stackhouse series at your local bookstore. You won’t regret it.


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