Bad News!


Whenever you turn the news on in the morning or in the evening, do you ever hear any good news? Do you ever hear good stories of heroism or accomplishments? Do you think that all this bad news is good, or are we too used to it?

Every time the news is usually on, the only things I hear is of people getting shot and killed, robberies, fires, and political issues. In my opinion, I feel that the news should start incorporating more good news into their broadcasts.

Maybe something like somebody being rescued from a fire or being pulled from a car wreck. People should go about with a positive outlook on life and the news doesn’t encourage it.

The media now a days try their best to cover all the negative stories to sell airtime and ads. News stations get their ratings from showing the bad stories.

It’s like looking at a car wreck, you can’t help yourself but to look, the media figures people deal with the news the same way…good news is, well, good, but the bad news, now is considered exciting on TV. I’m pretty sure people have realized that the world is not perfect and has many problems.

They know people die everyday, tragedies occur, bad things happen, its pointless to tell us what we already know.

The best solution that I think is that, media stations should start showing more positive stories. As I stated before, it is pointless to tell us what we already know.

Airing a good story won’t hurt. The news should take a better look at life and quit highlighting the bad.


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