Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Brawl over Rihanna


The problem between this situation is the media caught Rihanna with meek one day. Then another day she was with Drake. But, the weekend she was with Chris Brown.

Now, supposedly her and Chris suppose to be dating, but Chris is still talking to his other girlfriend Karrueche. While Rihanna is still messing around with Drake and Meek. I really think that Drake did not have to go to the club when he knew Chris was there.

But, throwing a glass bottle at him was too far also. If you want to fight you suppose to fight with your hands. But then I don’t think that Chris should be mad, because I think Rihanna was really hurt by him beating her and having her face swolin from last year. So therefore Rihanna really do not know what she really wants.

Now Meek he just being messy, because he thinks Rihanna is HIS girl nobody else, so he wants to start mess just so he could get into the mix.

Plus, Chris got a girl so why is he still on Rihanna? Maybe he’s in love with her , we will never know . Well, probably later on it would come out. But, I don’t think they would get back together because of all of this. Anyways, the solution for me is I think they should ALL sit down and talk about it (with guards).

I think Rihanna should just tell them why she messing with all of them, so she could leave two and stay with one of them. Or maybe she can leave all of them and just start over.

And then, the boys can come to an agreement or they could just not say anything to each other.


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One response to “Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Brawl over Rihanna

  1. Eshaaaaa

    The fight between the two was completely stupid. Why fight over someone when you can just do something with your life?

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