Leave while You Can, Shaunie


The problem: It’s time for Shaunie to leave because she’s obviously ready to leave. 

“How long will they go on like this? How many times do the women, cuss, fuss and get mad,” asked Bishop Ulmer of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California. “Do you resolve this frustration when you see these women clawing at each other? Is it worth you walking away from?”

“I have really strongly considered walking away. Do I walk away and love the ladies from the distance,” Shaunie responded. “I feel like there’s nothing else that I can do. At this point I can no longer defend it; I can no longer stand by it.”

My opinion: I think Shaunie O’Neal should still stay on Basketball Wives show because, she is always peaceful, stay out of drama, stops the fights, & if she wasn’t on the show it probably would have been worst & more drama. Shaunie don’t be in other people business & she don’t talk about nobody.

I can solve the problem by letting them put Shaunie on the show when she need to be behind camera & don’t b on the show more.


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