Let them Eat Cake!


This article is about how in the Bronx about two-thirds of the people are overweight. The government has tried to stop the obesity levels from rising by giving out health bucks, making supermarkets bring in healthier foods, and much more.

The Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg went to make a case about banning supersized sodas and sugary drinks. Many people do not agree with this choice.

In my opinion, it is their own decision, whether or not; people eat/drink healthily or not. Why would you take away someone’s rights for what they are aloud to eat and drink? Arla Lucien says “really, you’re going to tell me how to eat and drink? That’s not going to work. It’s hard to do with kids; you think it’s going to work with adults?”

Just like she said what they choose to eat and drink is their problem. If they want to be obese, and not be healthy, let them be. It’s their faults. We live in a country where we have many freedoms, so people should be able to eat/drink whatever they want to, and that’s that.

My solution is let the people of the Bronx, eat and drink whatever they want. It is their decisions, let them be. If they want a supersized coke, they can have a supersized coke. Don’t take away someone’s freedoms like that. Let them live their own lives, in their own way.


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