Let’s Discuss Unreliable Witnesses


Drew Peterson, a former police sergeant, is scheduled to go on trial next month for the supposed murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whom was found dead in her dry bath tub. So far, the key piece of evidence that has been presented to the public is, Drew’s fourth wife’s statement made to Rev. Neil Schori.

This statement stated that she saw Peterson return home late, dressed in black and carrying a bag of women’s clothing not long before Savio was found dead. But should we believe Stacey or maybe even the Rev? In my opinion, witness testimony should not be considered hard-evidence.

It’s just not reliable!

Stacey Peterson had, for quite awhile, been complaining to friends about their domestic disputes that would quickly escalate into violence, and her thirst to get out. Would it not be a quick way of “getting out” coming up with some bogus, and quite Agatha Christie like tale to insure a divorce? The “murder” was not even considered so until the “disappearance” of Stacey Peterson.

Then after much public force, the corner’s had to actually look for something they may point to murder. I mean after all if one ex wife dies and the current wife goes missing that would automatically make Drew the murderer, correct?


Remember Savio, was the third wife, the others were not killed by some mysterious thing, they are still living today. Another point about this statement is that some people would do anything to get their face on television, even a reverend. Many people would like to be noticed, or known for helping to bring in a murderer.

I know I would. Especially if you are in a position in which, people look up to you and listen to what ever you may say, who are influenced to believe what they believe.

In this position, people may want something to boost their popularity, something that would make more people listen, like if you were considered a hero.

It offered a good chance, because Stacey, no longer being available, the opportunity was probably screaming “Hey, look at me!” The statement is the only piece of evidence prosecutors have introduced so far that might show Peterson behaved suspiciously the weekend Savio died.

No physical evidence or eyewitness account ties him to the alleged murder, which a coroner’s jury initially ruled was an accident.


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