Let’s Turn Our Focus to More Important Issues


This article doesn’t give a definite opinion, but it discusses the problem I feel needs to be discussed. Drugs are illegal in the US; this causes our government to spend nonexistent money to lock up “criminals” who use and sell drugs.

In my opinion, this is ridiculous. I agree that drugs are harmful, but why should Americans give up their tax money to imprison people who are just going to get out in a few years and do the exact same thing?

Honestly, I’d be hard pressed to find a reason as to how what somebody does in the privacy of their own home affects anyone but themselves. The only way we are affected is by driving ourselves deeper into dept in an attempt to control other people’s lives and create a “perfect drug free world.”

Anyone who thinks this is even remotely possible needs to grow up and realize that without the bad things in life, nobody would appreciate the good.

So, my solution to this problem is to legalize drugs. Not only could this reduce our government spending, but the regulation and taxation of drugs sales could boost our economy tremendously. Portugal has taken this step and research has shown that the drug trafficking rate went down as a result.

This shows that people who were afraid to get help for their drug addiction were able to quit when not faced with the possibility jail time.


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