My Favorites



1.) Physics Rock Anthem

Although it is not an original it is still cool. This is a parody of Party Rock Anthem by LAMFO. Physics Rock Anthem was created by students, (one of which is a very good friend of mine, yay Steffie) as a project for their physics class.


2.) “Paul”

This movie is a bout two nerds who are obsessed with aliens and think they know everything about them until they meet one named Paul. There is also a girl who was raised in a church and doesn’t know anything else. She leaves her dad and runs away with the nerds to help Paul get to where he could go back home. This is one of my favorite scenes between the two nerds and Paul. This link leads you to my favorite scene.


3.) “The Vow”

This movie is one I have recently seen and I absolutely loved it. Everything was great about it. The actors were great (my favorite actor was Channing Tatum) and the story line was intriguing more so because it actually happened in real life. This movie made me cry, laugh, and, sigh in awe at all the emotions portrayed on the actors’ faces. And just to let you know the real life people are married and they have children but the girl never regained her memory. The link shows the scene where they tell each other their vows.


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