Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded


“Roman Holiday” is a fast-paced progressive rap and pop-rap song influenced by progressive rock and opera, that runs for four minutes and five seconds

“Come on a Cone” is Roman’s official coming out party, filled with multiple celebrity references.

“I Am Your Leader” has sounds of repetitive, high-pitched, off-pitch synth hooks over booming, static bass.

“Beez in the Trap” received positive reviews from music critics, with several commenting positively on Minaj’s performance.

“HOV Lane” each synth punch and clap and line sharpened to impale you.

“Roman Reloaded” seems to be a return to the hard-core rap style Nicki first entered the game with on mixtapes like Beam Me Up Scotty.

“Champion” is a relatively slow-paced, retrospective downtempo ballad, that draws heavily from hardcore hip hop.

“Right by My Side” is an upbeat, downtempo pop ballad infused with elements of R&B and hip hop.

“Sex in the Lounge” is One of the slow-and-low, synth-string-heavy ballads.

“Starships” is a multi-genre song, which heavily utilizes Eurodance, Europop, Euro house, and electropop.

“Pound the Alarm” has techno, electronic dance and rave influenced song received mainly negative reviews from music critics claiming that it was too similar to the album’s lead single, “Starships.”

“Whip It” is a Eurodance, Europop, and Eurodisco song produced by RedOne and Alex P.

“Automatic” Nicki sounds far more comfortable on this dance track.

“Beautiful Sinner” is a dance-pop skews more dance than pop, and Nicki Minaj’s vocals are even processed like Madonna’s at times.

“Marilyn Monroe” is a pop rock and bubblegum pop ballad about putting oneself together and questioning the status of the relationship.

“Fire Burns” is a sufficient midtempo and comedown track.

“Gun Shot” Less sharp-shooting than the title would imply–this is a ballad–but exactly as patois-laden as the artist credits would imply.

“Stupid Stupid” is described as an anthem to Minaj’s female haters.



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2 responses to “Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

  1. Aiyu

    Shes amazing and this is like my favorite album, but her concert was awesome !

  2. Eshaaaaa

    I love this CD. But I’m glad i didn’t pay for it.

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