Should Shaunie Stay or Go


The problem: The public weighs in on Shaunie’s decision to stay or leave BBW.

My Take: I agree with the author because Shaunie knows these women will make fools of themselves but she heightens the drama by adding her two cents into the situation. She is using them to make money. Thus, by being a producer of the show she picks what will be seen on TV and what isn’t seen. She knows Americans like drama and she’s willing to shine light on her “friends” and their problems while hiding her own. In my opinion, unless you’re going to let the audience into your personal live, don’t sign up for reality television.

My Solution: Shaunie should quit the show because she lets the cameras in on everyone else’s life but hers. That’s not right because it’s saying you’re airing my dirty laundry and keeping yours private. I think the women should talk to Shaunie about that because she’s just using them for ratings.


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