Uniforms, Yay or Nay?


School uniforms have been a problem in many schools for years. Schools that have enforced uniforms sometimes have more problems and did not always stop bullying as it was suppose to.

In the U.S.A, few state funded schools have enforced school uniforms but my school is one that did enforce it. In my opinion, school uniforms should not be enforced.

Wearing school uniforms decreases the students’ individuality. By being told what to wear and how to wear it, gives them no opinion.

Some teachers are too worried about whether or not you are in dress code more than giving you an education. Without school uniforms, the focus would be more on education as it should be.

Some teachers will stop class to correct a dress code problem, which cuts time from the students getting their education. School uniforms are expensive and students still get bullied if they are not wearing the most expensive things, so the uniforms in a way can make bullying increase.

I think students should not be required to wear uniforms. They should be able to choose what they want to wear to school. I as a student, I understand some students will not dress appropriately, but the school board should make rules on the length of shorts and no sagging.

Dressing freely gives the students a voice and shows their personality. Students should not wear uniforms, it only makes them feel as if they do not stand out in any way, their just like everyone else, which is never true.


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