Ai-Yu Chen

By: Lauren Shoats



Name: Ai-Yu

Grade: 11th grade

Age: 16 years old

Siblings: two sisters.

Are you the oldest? Yes.

Favorite color: pink

2nd fav. Color: black

Favorite food: steak

Why: Because, it is taste good.

What are your hobbies?

Shopping for clothes and shoes.


Why: Because, it is an independent sport.

Favorite TV show: Law & Order

Favorite song: Lucky Charm

Why: Because, it’s catchy.

Favorite subject in school: Science

Favorite actor: Trey Songs

Favorite type of music: R & B



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6 responses to “Ai-Yu Chen

  1. Randi

    She sounds like a very independent person.

  2. Alma McCoy

    OMG.,We Could Probly Be The Best Of Friends Bc She Likes Pink & iTs My 2nd Fav. Color.,She’s iN The 11th Grade Like ME & She LIKES TREY SONGZ. . .iLOOOOVE HIM.,!!!

  3. Noelani Barrett

    i have two sisters too

  4. Jasmin

    She has a very unique name but I like it.

  5. britney

    i see your favroite color is pink so is mines i think yor pretty cool and we’d get along good

  6. Jireh Brumfield


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