Chelsi Brandon

By: Alma McCoy


What grade she’s in: 11th
What school she attends: Ponchatoula High
Her favorite food & why: Pasta. She Just LOVES it; it takes so good to her.
Her hobbies: dancing, spending time with her family, & laughing
Favorite thing to do: dance
Her favorite color: purple
Her favorite subject: Math
The college she plans to attend: Delgado Community College
What she’s majoring in: Ultrasound Technician
Favorite song/artist & why: “Love Connection”/Alicia Keys. It makes her think about her relationship and she can feel where that singer is coming from; & Alicia’s her girl.
Favorite type of car: Maxima 2013
Best friends: Mariah, Leah, Malaikah, Kela
Favorite family member: her mom
How many siblings: 3



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4 responses to “Chelsi Brandon

  1. Alma McCoy

    She Sounds Like KOOL PPl 2 Me.,iG iThink So Bc iM The 1 Who Did Her iNterview.,!!! ((:

  2. unknown

    You sound very cool.

  3. britney nicole

    chealseeee lols we have every class togather your cool to be around and i love your persornality.

  4. Jasmin

    I like to dance sometimes during my spare time as well.

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