Cody Aucion

By Jacob Stull
Whats your name? cody aucoin
Where you from? Metairie louisana
Have you ever moved?/considered moving? No and no
How many people live in your house? 7, 3 siblings,
Whats your favorite restaurant? Outback steak house. What do you get there? Steak that’s it? yup
What high school do you go to? East Jefferson . How many schools have you been to? 5 2 middle 1 elementary 2 high schools.
Favorite artist – major lazor? Why? I like his style he’s so unique.
What are your favorite activities? I like skating and dj’ing why? Skating kills time djing geting everyone pumped up.


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4 responses to “Cody Aucion

  1. jacob

    skating and deejaying are amazing keep it up

  2. Cody

    Looks Like a Fruit

  3. Noelani Barrett

    i got three sibilings too

  4. You’re laughing again aren’t you.

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