Dernisha Smith

By: Seth Guerra



Dernisha Smith is a fifteen year old girl I interviewed in journalism at upward bound. A series of questions led me to discover what an interesting person I’d been grouped with.

Dernisha goes to Riverdale High, but she was born in New Orleans. She plans on going to college and majoring in psychology and business. Being a very active person, she’s involved in everything from softball and basketball to singing and dancing.

But though she may sing and dance, Dernisha isn’t a girly girl. She doesn’t like pink; her favorite color is blue, but she certainly isn’t a tomboy. She’s very outgoing, big-hearted, random, funny, and many more adjectives I won’t mention (I would die of old age trying to list them all).

Dernisha likes pickles and cereal, and will only eat them separately since pickles and cereal sounds absolutely revolting. She cuts her hair a lot and likes tennis shoes. One can tell Dernisha has a charitable spirit since her ultimate life goal is to do something that will make a difference and make change for the better.

Since class is almost over, I’ll wrap this up. Dernisha Smith is definitely set up for success. She’s bright, enjoyable to be around, and will definitely do something great one day.


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