Devyn Alford

By: Brittany Cheyenne Hodges


Name: Devyn Tyler Alford

Age: 16

School: Mt. Hermon High School


Favorite Subjects: Science and English

Why: They’re his favorite subjects because he’s good at both of them.

Favorite Show: Once Upon A Time

Why: Its his favorite because its suspenseful.

Favorite Character: Rumpelstiltskin.

Why: He loves Rumpel’s sneakiness.

Favorite Artist: He loves different Types….

Favorite Color: Bright Neon Orange

Why: Its very loud!!

Plans After High School: Attend LSU, SLU, or ULL for pathology or engineer.

Why Pathology: He loves science and wants the money.

Favorite Comedy: Scary Movie 5

Why: The movie spoofs make me laugh.

Interesting Facts:

He loves playing baseball.

He loves art because he loves to draw and paint.

He loves his music.

He is taken by the wonderful Kayla M. Devall.

He has five siblings: Jonathan, Alexis, Isabella, Savannah, and Logan.


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