Hannah Gameson

By: Ashten Roy


What grade are you in? Hannah is a rising sophomore

What school do you attend?  Hannah attends Franklinton High School

Why are you in the Upward Bound program? “I want to be successful and attend college.”

What is your favorite subject? “My favorite subject is math because it makes me feel smart.”

What is your favorite TV show?  “My favorite TV show is math; it makes me feel smart when I get an answer correct.”

Who is your favorite musician? “My favorite musician is Tim McGraw because he sings my favorite type of music.”

What’s an interesting fact about you? “I am very easy to get along with and I’m forgiving.” 

How many siblings do you have? I have three siblings.

What is your biggest fear? “My biggest fear is snakes, because people like to play tricks on me.”

What is your favorite book? “My favorite book is The Last Song because it’s a love story.” 

What is your favorite movie? “My favorite movie is Radio because it’s very good.”


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