Isakia Bellazan

By: April Jackson


What is your name? “My name is Isakia Bellazan.”


How old are you? “I’m seventeen years old.”


When were you born? “I was born on September 15, 1995.”


Where are you from? “I’m from Amite, LA.”


What grade are you going to? “This year, I’ll be going to the twelfth grade.”


What high school do you attend? “I go to Amite High School.”


What is your GPA? “I have a 3.8 now, but I can go higher with hard studying.”


What college do you plan to attend? “It would probably be either LSU or Southeastern.”


What do you want to major in? Why? “I want to major in medicine because I want to help others.”


What are your goals in life? “I want to graduate high school with a top GPA, graduate college and become a doctor, donate to charity, and get married.”


What are your hobbies? “I like to eat, text, and talk on the phone with my boyfriend, Isaiah.”


What is your favorite color? Why? “My favorite color is purple because I find it very attractive.”




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