Jacob Stull

By: Cody Aucoin


What’s Your name? Jacob  Stull

What your favorite Activity?Audio  Design

What your favorite Music Genre?Alterntive Rock  or EDM

How long have you been in to Electronic Music ? About  3 years

Whats your opinion on Gun control? Things have been the same for hundreds of years so why should they be changed. Other statements also made. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

How long have you known about upward bound? About a month

How has your time in upward bound been /Ive been having a great time with upward bound.

Do you intend on coming back next year? Yes I would be stupid not to.

Do you find this hard for you? “It’s not as hard as i was expecting” Stull replied.

What college intrest you? LSU.



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2 responses to “Jacob Stull

  1. Alma McCoy

    He Sounds. . .iNteresting. . .!

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