Kellon Williams

By: Janiqua Cleveland



Name: Kellon Williams

Grade: 11th

School: Amite High School

Janiqua: What do you like to do?

Kellon: I like to sing, play basketball, and just have fun.

Janiqua: What college do you plan to attend?

Kellon: Florida State University, because I like Florida and its just different.

Janiqua: What is your favorite movie?
Kellon: Abducted because I like action movies.

Janiqua: What are your favorite colors?

Kellon: My favorite colors are baby blue and turquoise because they are nice colors.


Janiqua: Who are your favorite music artists?

Kellon:  Omarion, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, and John D because I can relate to their music.

Janiqua: Who is your favorite basketball team?

Kellon: Miami Heat because Ray Allen is on there.

Janiqua: Where are you from?

Kellon: I am from Houston.

Janiqua: Do you have any siblings?

Kellon: I have one brother and his name is Kevian Williams.

Janiqua: What are some foods that you hate?

Kellon: I hate Chinese food because it makes you feel heavier.

Janiqua: If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?

Kellon: They would be to be rich, finish high school and college, and complete all of my life time goals.


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