Lauren Shoats

  By: Aiyu Chen 


Name: Lauren

Age: 16

School: Mt. Hermon

Favorite color: Blue

Hobbies: Art, singing, the Wii, & sewing

From: Laffite

Favorite food: Doughnuts

Favorite subject: History, Art, & ELA

Favorite animal: cats

Biggest interest: Registered Nurse (because she likes to help people)

Favorite actor: Johnny Dept

Music: Pop/Country

Favorite item: Bed

Favorite place: home

Favorite TV show: Bates Motel

Siblings: 1 brother and 3 sisters & she’s the second oldest

Favorite song: Starships By: Nikki Minaj

Enjoyment: Writing poetry

Favorite video game: apples apples



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4 responses to “Lauren Shoats

  1. Randi

    My favorite item also. 🙂

  2. unknown

    You are very different and thats what makes you speical!

  3. Alma McCoy

    iFound iNew Best Friend.,iLike Blue.,iLike Art.,The Fav. Actor iS DEFINITELY Johnny Depp.,& iStay Writing Poetry. . .

  4. jacob

    johnny depp is an amazing actor hes on my top 10 ten

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